“About Fifty Club” Bulletin

The P.P,U. dinner, held in the College on Friday February 4th. was an outstanding success. The food was excellent, the company pleasant and, as they say, “the craic was mighty”.


The Magherafelt contingent arrived at the same time as the Dublin limousine. There is a report that Gerry Clifford looked out the window of Ara Coeli, saw the car and thought it was the Pope on a surprise visit not just the Magees making their usual grand entrance. Poor Gerry took to the bed and hasn’t been the same since.


About two hundred attended the function and there were many faces to remember from our times on Sandy Hill. The hour was late when we left the hallowed halls and, as always, we concluded with the familiar ceremonial Round the Flower Beds on Senior Ring. It’s no wonder those roses grow so well!!


I have been unable to summarise the contents of Adrian Moyne’s most entertaining talk. However, I am enclosing a copy of aspeech given by Gerry Kelly at Decembers prize giving in the college. it contains many similar thoughts and will, I’m sure, awaken a few memories,


For the next meeting of the Club, we would like to attract some of our “exiles”. People like Sean McNicholl, Sealmus McGeary, Stephen Fitzpatrick, Boogie Boyle, The Watsons, The Houlihans, The Finnegans and numerous others. I’ve given the responsibility of organising this to Eamon Gilmore, recently retired from his position as Manager of Bank of Ireland, Armagh.


In conclusion, can I remind you that on Saturday 5th February, as we were crawling homewards in the early hours of the morning, we were celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Dessie Hughes’ death. It was at the Gunner’s funeral that this group was formed. Where have those twenty years gone?


Until we next meet, may I wish you and yours every happiness and continued good health to enjoy it.

Keep Smiling.



Eamon Regan

February 14th 1994



Gathering 20-08-1999

Canal Court, Newry


A select group met for lunch with visiting brethren Sean Mc.Nicholl and Seamus Mc.Geary.


John Fairbairn sang the opening hymn “Tantum Ergo” with much gusto. Then we all joined in “sotto voce” to recite Grace “as Gaeilge”, much to the amusement of the drug-barons hovering around the bar. Dudley Marjoram, representing Opus Dei, took up the Propagation of the Faith Collection, proceeds of which were given to the barman for safe keeping.


A minute’s prayerful silence followed, in which we remembered all our absent friends, particularly those toiling in Pagan Pastures (i.e. those not in Mother Ireland ). The silence was broken only by murmured “Halleluiahs” and cries of “Keep The Faith”. Indeed, a special experience, emotionally charged and profoundly inspirational.


Text for discussion at to-day’s meeting was “Christian Politeness and Counsel for Youth” kindly provided by Sean Mc.Nichol , and originally stolen from the library of Rev. Dermot Hegarty C.M. Members expressed much delight at the revival of this inspirational tome. We marvelled at its relevance to life in the new millennium, and to its far-sighted understanding of Safe-Sex. Indeed, Seamus Mc.Geary is presently translating it into Catalan for the benefit of his twin sons who will surely find in it a source of practical guidance through the minefield of modern morality.


Safe Sex was mentioned several times during the afternoon’s proceedings, and a vote of thanks was passed to the Vincentians, for providing such solid training and preparation for “life in the fast lane”. Several examples were given of our “Facts of Life” tuition which were most interesting, innovative, and obviously co-ordinated by experienced counsellors.


As always, on these solemn occasions, it is traditional for members to declare their present financial status. Aidan Sherard assured us that he manages to live quite comfortably on four pensions, largest and most significant being the one from Vincent De Paul headquarters in Dublin. He continues to act as advisor and consultant to the rich and powerful in Northern Ireland, and has growing interests (Poppies??) in Iran and Iraq.


Eugene Magee declared another buoyant year for Magee Travel, but hoped that the current government crackdown on the Dublin Sex Industry would not have a detrimental effect on overall profits. He expressed concern particularly about his “Investment in People” project based in the Grand Canal and Benburb St. areas.


The meeting was brought to and early conclusion as the Helicopter had arrived to collect our Celtic Tigers. Drinks were supped up quickly to allow time for our usual closing ritual.


The award for the most original contribution of the day went to big Eamonn Gilmore for his faultless impersonation of Rev. B. Mullan, entitled “Night Watch in Senior Dorm”. His prize, “Gospel Favourites” by Rev. William McCrea, a collector’s item, which Eamonn magnanimously donated to the O’Fiach Library.


Members stood solemnly to sing two verses of “Faith of our Fathers” and were joined by all the people in the bar, none more enthusiastically than the Travelling Folk Wedding Party from the First Class suite next door.


As the rich residents of Dublin 4 flew off in style, the remaining members donned their bicycle clips, quietly mounted their trusty Raleigh Roadsters and pedalled contentedly into the sunset.